Our Music Curriculum Statement

At Nicol Mere, we strive to make our music curriculum an enjoyable learning experience for all our children.  We aim to build the confidence of our children through participating in a wide variety of musical activities which will in turn build our children's musical skills and musicality.

Music is a core part of our curriculum and contributes enormously to the creativity, well-being and development of our children. 


1. To have very high expectations in music across the whole school so that all children experience and learn a range of musical styles and composers, as well as develop their improvisation and composition skills.

2. To provide a broad and balanced curriculum which is progressive in knowledge, skills and vocabulary. 

3. To develop our children’s confidence in their musical ability and performing.

4. For our children to develop an understanding and appreciation of how technology can be used in the musical world.

5. To improve children’s listening skills and to use a range of musical vocabulary to accurately describe and appraise pieces of music.

6. To offer our children new and exciting musical opportunities and experiences.

7. To promote our school and British Values.

8. To prepare our children for the next steps in their learning journey.

Nicol Mere Music Curriculum

Music Genres