Teaching children to read at Nicol Mere Primary School. 

Learning to read is central to all learning in school. Everything else depends on it. We put as much energy into reading skills from the time the children enter Reception as we believe it is extremely important. 

We want children to develop a passion for reading; we want them to be able to read for themselves. We aim to ensure that all children have a love of books as well as being able to read independently. 

Suggested reading links

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Readers 5+

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Readers 9+

Readers 11+

How we teach reading - some answers for parents 

Beginning in Reception, we introduce the Read Write Inc Phonics programme. The children are screened when they enter Reception and again throughout their time in the Infants. This means that we know which phonics group to place them in based on how many sounds they know. The children will be moved in and out of groups according to their need. We then introduce new phonic sounds which helps children know how to read and how to sound out words they need to write. We teach children simple ways of recognising sound and letters - ask the children to show you how we say the sounds! 

For personal reading, the pupils choose reading material from a coloured band. The children are regularly assessed to ascertain which band they should be on. 

In class, we have a daily guided reading session where children are exposed to a range of fiction and non-fiction texts that challenge their reading ability. 

How will I know how well my child is doing?

We aim to keep you informed of your child’s progress through parents evenings and writing in their reading journals. If we feel your child needs extra 1:1 or small group support with their reading, we will let you know.

We screen the children in Year 1 to let you know how your child is performing compared to the rest of the children in the country. 

What can I do to help?

Please read with your child as much as possible; this greatly supports their progress in school. Ensure that reading is recorded in the home reading journals. 

If you have any concerns about reading and your child’s progress, please contact the class teacher. Children are all different and won’t learn to read at the same rate and pace; it can take some time for children to learn how to segment or blend sounds. Your continued support makes a great difference.

For more information on our school reading overview, you can view our school Reading Curriculum Content by clicking here.