You Said

We Say

“My child has only attended the school a short   time but my only concern is the amount of children (infant children) that are   left unsupervised in the morning before school opens, this is not the schools   fault but I feel needs addressing by the school. Children could very easily   just walk back out of school and wander off. Children are parent’s   responsibility until the bell rings.”

We agree. There is always a member of the Senior   Leadership Team or the Head teacher outside on duty from 8:40. Teachers are   unable to supervise children outside or inside before 8:50 as they are busy   preparing for the school day. We strongly suggest to parents, particularly of   young children, that they stay with their child/children until they have gone   into school.


“I would like to see more fruit available at   lunchtimes. My children often come home saying that there wasn’t any left or   none to their liking. I don’t think cakes and biscuits are acceptable.”







We have passed on the comments to the kitchen.   Please be assured that there is always fruit available for children during   lunchtime. There is often a mixture of apples, bananas, oranges or pears. If   children do not like the selection available then they can always bring in   their own to eat alongside their cooked lunch.


In addition to the fruit available at dinner   time, all children in the infants also have ‘free’ fruit in the afternoon.




“There are lots of activities that come from   school for multisport and dance but they are very expensive.”




All teachers do afterschool booster clubs for   free. Some may do an additional sport or art club afterschool however there   is only a limited amount we can do for free as there are not the hours in the   day.


So that children have the opportunities to access   clubs and to develop interests outside of school we do use outside agencies   to provide these. But as with most clubs there is a cost element involved.


“Parental workshops do not consider parents who   are at work. Some guidance via letter on supporting my child may be an idea.”



Over the past 4/5 years we have experiments with   the timings of workshops for parents to ensure that we have good numbers   attending. Last year particularly, workshops were arranged in the morning and   were repeated either in the afternoons or evenings for parents however they   were still poorly attended.


It is very difficult to put the content of these   courses into a ‘letter’ format there is often teaching, practical and   discussion elements to them. However if you need support or advice and are   unable to attend the workshops feel free to ask your child’s class teacher   who will be happy to help.


Could the girls enter some sporting competitions   and have a team e.g. skittle ball, netball, rounder’s etc. It all appears to   be boy’s rugby and football.”


There are actually quite a number of clubs and   teams for girls. The school rugby and football teams are mixed and they have   participated successfully in a number of games and tournaments throughout   last year. There have also been tournaments solely for girls. Our main   difficulty is getting the girls to participate. This year we will be raising   the profile of sport at Nicol Mere and this will include clubs run just for   girls in a range of sports.