Online Safety

Online safety is an increasingly important part of children learning how to keep themselves safe. The internet plays a huge part in children’s lives, and whilst it provides many exciting, positive opportunities, it is essential to protect your child from harm and ensure that they continue to be safe online. Your child needs to understand the potential risks by learning how to use a range of electronic devices, and most importantly the internet, in a safe and appropriate manner.

Whilst our curriculum offers the opportunity to raise and tackle potential risks online, below is a series of links to websites that you can use with your child to promote their continued safety. Please also make yourself familiar with the CEOP report button on our homepage where any online incidents, that concern you or your child, can be reported.

Useful Online Safety Links

CEOP Safety Centre


Cyberbullying - Parent Advice

Internet Matters

Net Aware

NSPCC - Being Share Aware

Safer Internet Centre